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     Teatro Sabor was co-founded in 1989 by Rocky Haro and Cat Callejas, originally under the name Teatro Califas, in order to create an environment where Latino students could express their rage against the machine of spoon-fed university ideas through the medium of theater.  Sabor’s artistic purpose can also be characterized as a desire to de-bunk the Latino stereotype and establish our own brand of modern mezclado archetypes.  
     Through a natural evolutionary process, the work produced by this teatro became more global in scope with their attempts to inspire stronger cultural awareness through the looking glass of art.   Using song, dance, rap, bilingual poetry and prose, Teatro Sabor has created a repertoire that ranges from stylized improvisational performance pieces based on the different lifestyles of Latinos in Greater Aztlan to barrio-vision birth of an icon rock operas and full length situational comedies. Teatro Sabor has created and performed shows with casts that have numbered from two to fourteen, and have expanded their operations to encompass both Northern and Southern Califas.  In order to form an ensemble, Sabor relies on their extended artista familia and draws on the individual strength of each artist by tailoring each piece to reflect their unique and collective dynamic. 
     Teatro Sabor is a group that has retained a woman’s perspective throughout its herstory.  Not only is this evident in the themes they develop but also in the venues in which they perform.  They have collaborated in several Women in the Arts Festivals, including the Tri-State Tamale-thon, as both ensemble and individual artists.  Since education, via cultural awareness, is a part of Teatro Sabor’s statement of purpose, all of their work is bicultural in voice and exposition.  Sabor always explores the inherent teachings of their cultural codices and tries to communicate this with their community.  To this effect, Sabor’s pieces are written with an understood criticism of society in the hope of inspiring their community to challenge the ordinary or, at least, become an active part of the production.
     We have presented work at Theater Yugen, Miracle Theater, Brava Center for the Performing Arts Theater, on the Mexican Bus, for the radio station KPFA in Berkeley and Northern Illinois University Campus radio station; and at various social events from San Francisco to San Jose.  We have also performed at college campuses such at N.I.U., San Diego State, University of California at Berkeley, San Jose State, Stanford University, San Francisco State and at various Fresno high schools. Since 2001, Teatro Sabor has made a home performing, as a resident theater company, at El Teatro de la Esperanza.

Spawn of the Widow

1989 -2008
Super Torta: Cat, Melvin, Rocky, Bill